A Spring Day Out – Warhammer Fest 2017

I haven’t been to a games day since they were held at the Derby Assembly rooms , a long long time ago .  Today they are held at the Ricoh arena in Coventry, so it was to there that we set out for early on Sunday morning .


Security was tight , with both bag checks and armed police on the way in , which was at the same time comforting and worrying given the current state of security in the UK at the moment.

Lots of seminars and displays were visited, with the highlight of the day being the future of specialist games.

I took two things away from it

1) My interest in Adeptus Titanicus was confirmed – all over that  – can’t wait for the boxed set to be released

2)  I may sneak back into blood bowl – but with a stunty team , with no hope of winning 🙂

We also had a good look at some new models for 8th and  the lovely Magnus / Russ diorama , as well as a look at some of the Shadespire Minis, including the new female Stormcast Angharad Brightshield.

All in all a great day , but if you want the excitement of launches , I suggest you go on the Saturday  – or turn your internet off for the day .

Magnus Vs Russ
Primaris Space Marines
Angharad Brightshield
Nurgle Hellbrute
Redempter Primaris Dreadnaught
Gabriel Angelos

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