Painting up a Rules Storm

In the last week or so Games Workshop has released the campaign expansion for Age of Sigmar “Firestorm”. In Firestorm, each of the free cities has a number of allegiance abilities unique to their city, so good, so normal, however in order to gain access to these abilities your army has to be painted in the colors of that city.

This ruling has set the AoS Sigmar community aflame with discussion, as it appears to fly in the face of the usual paint it how you want – they are your model’s unwritten rule.  Games Workshop has recently confirmed that the abilities can be used in match play in the upcoming Grand Tournament at Warhammer World this upcoming weekend, but only if painted in the correct colours. So to utilize the ability Alert and Forwarned :

The models would need to be painted in the colour’s of the Tempest’s Eye.

Personally, I don’t find this surprising at all, Games Workshop has recently been making rules based on colours for a while now, not least with the Kharadron Overlords and their sky ports, to benefit from the rules for a Skyport, the units must be painted in the prescribed colours.

Neave Blacktalon the Knight Zephyros from the recent Blightwar Box also has paint restrictions, directly on her war scroll.

My own opinion on the matter is I think it makes for great cohesive armies, that look good and act as they are designed to, and importantly keep with the fluff!!

The debate raged for a while on twitter – Ben Curry of the Bad Dice Podcast had quite an interesting back and forth with a number of community members on the matter – well worth a read.

For me it’s quite straightforward – the rules are there for a reason, it’s not like you can pick and choose other rules you don’t like. If you want the perks, paint the points the right colour!

I’d be interested to hear comments.

Firestorm can be ordered from Asgard Wargames

One thought on “Painting up a Rules Storm

  1. A bit conflicted here. I agree “the rules are there for a reason” but what if you think that reason is to unreasonably restrict the use of your models so you have to play only one faction OR buy everything multiple times? Actually the follow on is –

    is that “unreasonable?”

    As a historical gamer I think there are certain norms you should adhere to, so that for instance where a proxy is being used it should be reasonable and made clear. Using a Panzer IV F2 as a PzIV H is reasonable to me as long as your opponent has this explained, but using a Chieftain to represent a PzIV H is not. It’s a bit arbitrary I know but you have to draw the line somewhere.

    Is this a case of using a Proxy IF model X is standing in for model Y? Sure, but what if the only difference is the paint? Literally scratching my head at this point. I suppose the ultimate answer will be if they enforce the rule at their events you either accept that rule or walk away. Same goes with “friendlies”, although trying to enforce that would mean they aint going to be friendly for long .

    The relaxed gamer in me says this is a step to far, but on the other hand I think if you want to claim the bonus you do need to use the right model. The mischief maker in me is asking “exactly what constitutes painted in a GW gaming context :-)”

    You have to draw the line somewhere……………….

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