Ohh I think that knock has retired him permanently Jim..

So… Retired..

Haven’t written anything for a while , I was going to write a review of Salute 2017 , and all the lovely things i got there , but didn’t get round to it , and too long has passed now , suffice it to say it was brilliant and I am looking forward to the next wargaming show I can attend, potentially Edinburgh, but why retired ?


So … what’s with the title? Well yesterday I retired permanently , forever and no take backsies from Bloodbowl. I’ve sold all of my teams and withdrawn from the local league I was playing with in.

Why? I lost my shit in a not good way with a number of double one dice rolls and then acted like a petulant child in another game…


So no more, no more embarrassing my friends who want a decent game and , no more screaming about how unfair dice rolls are. I am just going to play the game to my best ability and take the rolls as they come . However, Bloodbowl has to go , i think its a combination of wanting to win at sports mixed with wanting to win at gaming and just exploding when things go wrong , it’s a perfect storm that I want to avoid again , so I am done – retired gone away .

With this realisation taking place hopefully it will push me to be better at the other games I am taking an interest in and make me better to be around and most importantly better to play against.

I am going to do some research into anger management and paranoia and how to avoid the heady mix that sends nuclear explosions of in my head.

Anyone that wants to give me some tips on how you cope with this .. let me know – perhaps it’s the need to win also that I need to pull in..

A brief project update follows :

Fantasy Impetus : I am going to do Undead using the Mantic undead army

Test of Honour : All of my models are based in purple , and will be painted up in black and purple.  – would like to get a campaign off the ground for this as the last few multiplayer games  I’ve watched have looked very good


Warhammer 40k: With 8th edition now announced  – I am going to be building an army I’ve wanted to do since I first began playing Games Workshop games – Imperial Guard –  I can’t wait  stay tuned for more!

Age of Sigmar  : Sky Pirates ahoy!! Khardron Overlords incoming – I have a lot of building to do  – I’ll be making a separate post about this very soon.

Finally again – if you need wargaming supplies and the latest games at amazing prices – look no further than my FLGS – Asgard Wargames

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