Lion Rampant ! The Knights that say yes ( on a 4+)

In my continuing quest to add plastic and boxes to every corner of my house , I’ve played another demo game this weekend.

This time it was Lion Rampant published by Osprey Games. Lion Rampant is a skirmish game , that can be played with minimal cost and preparation . Mr Chris Vasey was kind enough to bring both armies for us to use , Hundred Years’ War English and French.

Both armies were built from a single box of models available from Perry Minatures .

The Armies Take the Field

The key mechanic in this game is that each unit has to successfully roll two dice for them to able to complete their action, should they fail to do this , the player’s turn ends and the opposing player then takes their turn.

For example – the English longbow men are ordered to fire on the French crossbow men who are in range. In order to be successful the longbowmen have to roll 4+ on two dice, as they are expert archers.

The Longbowmen Unleash Hell

This activation mechanic is a really nice back and forth , however it can leave units out of the game for long periods.

I enjoyed the what we played before our massive pizzas arrived!! Chris has had  a great idea of using test of honour models for Lion Rampant , and having some larger Japanese skirmishes.

Asgard Wargames in Middlesbrough can supply all the models we used at discount from RRP.

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