Hobby Update : Pots of Glory

Of late I have had a bit of a painting renaissance , I’ve built and painted ( for me ) quite a few models .

This post is really just an update and catalogue of work I’ve done

Warhammer : Age of Sigmar

I’ve completed my 50 point age of Sigmar skirmish warband – the Lambent Hammers . lead by the redoubtable Verdis Lambentshine.

The plan for this list is to expand it into a 1000 point Stormcast Army.

Secondly in Age Sigmar I have built my Ghoul Patrol of the Flesh eater courts, led by the Baron Gizzard – a 25 point warband for skirmish campaigns

I will also be expanding this force into a full 50 points with a crypt flayer infernal as the next model to be joining our flesh eaters .


In preparation for the tournament on the 22nd 0f July – I’ve continued ┬áto prepare my strike force – I have two Brokkrs complete with my inferno drill half complete.

Warhammer 40k

You might have heard that warhammer 40k is getting a new edition , I know there hasn’t been much coverage!!

I am using this opportunity to buy a new army , an army I’ve toyed with starting for as long as I’ve been in the hobby , the mighty imperial guard !

Now is an excellent time to get into 40k , with retailers all over the globe prepping themselves for the launch on the 17th of June.

Asgard Wargames is offering up to a massive 25% off the new 40k starter box and associated launch items , and during the launch window you can also score 25% off the 40k start collecting boxs, which has given my Guard army a very nice boost!


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