Falling out of a Summertime Lull.

You see what I did there with the title… Hands up I’ve been remiss not making a single post in August, in my defense I’ve been on holiday and really really busy building two New Age of Sigmar armies and a new 40K army, two of which were completely unplanned and on the spur of […]

Into .. the Deadzone!

One Game Leaves, another spring up to take its place – this time Deadzone! by Mantic Games. In the future, unthinkably powerful mega-corporations own and govern entire planets outright, protecting their interests with vast, private armies. Now, an even greater danger is sweeping the galaxy – a hideous mutagen wiping out entire sectors of space. To […]

The Road to 70 – Diablo 3 Season 10

Seasons have come to Diablo on PS4!!! Most of my gaming time recently has been involved with playing the excellent Diablo 3 , in partnership with my gaming buddy and wife Samantha! What Seasons in Diablo?  – From Icy Veins Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh […]