Take to the Skies with the Mass Fighter Combat from Warlord Games

In mid-June, I was lucky enough to attend a retailer day held at Warlord Games HQ in Nottingham. During the afternoon sessions, the team from Warlord announced some exciting new products, far and away the most interesting one was a new mass fighter aerial combat game called Blood Red Skies.

Designed by Andy Chambers (Dropfleet Commander, Battlefleet Gothic amongst others)  as a squadron based aerial combat game in 1:200 scale.

We were shown a video of Spitfires and Messerschmitt squadrons engaging each other over the English Channel, with each side having plenty of fighters.

The starter set includes 6 Spitfire MKII planes and 6 Messerschmitt Bf109E fighters. Support extends beyond the boxed game, however. At launch, there will be other squadron boxes available to extend your forces:

  •  German BF ME-109- Squadron, 6 planes
  • US P-51 Mustang- Squadron, 6 planes
  • British Spitfire – Squadron, 6 planes
  • Japanese A6MX ‘Zero-Sen’ – Squadron, 6 planes
  • Yak1 – Squadron, 6 planes


Not content with extra squadron boxes, you will be able to extend your squadrons further with a unique Fighter Ace for each squadron.


Game Mechanics haven’t really been shown yet nor have any models, but I expect those to be in abundance when Warlord launch the marketing push for the Game on July 10. One interesting mechanic that was mentioned was the advantage states on the model base, the fighter bases click forward and back to show the plane diving or climbing, with the plane being at an advantage when it is diving. Whilst this mechanic looks great in principle, I hope in practice it works out better than some of the base mechanics in Dropfleet Commander, which was very fiddly.

The game from what has been shown looks very exciting and is due  for release early 2018. Pre orders go live on July 10th , and all preorders in the first month will be able to get their hands on the core set and expansion sets a whole month before everybody else.

I will be preordering my copy as soon as I can –  I love World War 2 era fighters and can’t wait to get my hands on the models and paint them up.

The whole set can be preordered from Asgard Wargames in Middlesbrough  from the 10th of July

Take to the Skies!

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