Banged Out! – 2017 – A Vital Ground Tournament

As part of my ongoing obsession with wargaming of all types. I have joined a new gaming group Vital Ground Wargaming Club (website still under construction at the moment). The club has just held it’s first major event – Banged Out – at 600 point early war tournament for the Warlord Games miniature wargame Bolt Action.

The tournament was a 14 player Swiss style  event

A Swiss-system tournament is a non-eliminating tournament format which features a set number of rounds of competition, but considerably fewer than in a round-robin tournament. In a Swiss tournament, each competitor (team or individual) does not play every other. Competitors meet one-to-one in each round and are paired using a set of rules designed to ensure that each competitor plays opponents with a similar running score, but not the same opponent more than once. The winner is the competitor with the highest aggregate points earned in all rounds. All competitors play in each round unless there is an odd number of them.

The games would take place on eight brilliantly built tables, using a different scenario for each table, consisting off

  • No Mans Land
  • Sectors
  • Double Envelopment
  • Crossroads
  • Key Positions
  • Meeting Engagement
  • Demolition
  • Escort Civvies


The force I took to the table was the British 8th Army, heroes one and all, their first encounter was on the Key Positions table.

Holding the Objectives

Sadly in the last round, I was out maneuvered and lost by one objective. It was a very tense game right down to the last dice pull.

Game Two was demolition, where the plucky desert rats took on the might of the Russian army spearheaded by a fearsome KV2. Realizing quickly that a head one assault against the massive tank would result in strawberry jam instead of units, we decided on an outflanking strategy which was met with a modicum of success as the KV2, pounded each building our troops were taking shelter in , sadly wiping one building and its occupants from the face of the map.

Whilst the tank was distracted, the forward observer called in an artillery strike on top of it and the enemy base causing a huge number of pins, allowing the Rolls Royce armored car to race forward and crash into the side of the enemy base, at the end of the British Turn six.

The Rolls Royce heroically takes the enemy base

The Russians had only one chance to save the game, the mighty KV2 turned it’s turret and fired into the side of the armored car. It was only a glancing hit, the car survived and took the victory with it!

My final game was on Sectors, where I was thoroughly outplayed, by a much more experienced and aggressive opponent who gave no quarter. I was unable to play the fourth game as I had to run an errand which precluded me from taking part.

I did get back in time to see the prizes awarded by our generous sponsors

Warlord Games

Asgard Wargames 

The Combined Ops Podcast

Atombe Gaming

All in all, it was a very successful event, and I would like to thank the organizers, sponsors and all the competitors that took part – to make it a great debut event, and I am really looking forward to the next one a tank wars themed day.

Banged Out – Tank Shock!

Please click here to see more photos from the day

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