As a side project I’ve decided to play through all the main Final Fantasy series on my Vita 

So that will be FF1 through X2.

I am quite sure this will take me through most of 2014 and into 2015, but I think it’s a worthwhile project, especially as I have only sporadically played them . 

I am have just completed the first ” tough” dungeon “the Marsh Cave” in Final Fantasy. 

I intend to keep the blog updated with progress throughout the individual games and the overall project.

And The Pile of Shame was diminished

So - Another Game comes off the list - Far Cry 3 story mode completed. 

Games bought : 

Final Fantasy 1

Final Fantasy 2 

Final Fantasy 4 Complete

Final Fantasy 5

Final Fantasy 6

PS Plus for feb - 

Mod Nation Racers - Road Trip

Dynasty Warriors Next

Games Completed :

Far Cry 3

So Total Score for 2014 is - -12

2013 - The Year of No Posts !!

So I did my best and failed utterly to post anything in 2013. 

However I did do some stuff - has my attempts at making some Gaming videos for youtube and has my twitch stuff . 

I do however intend to work on recording what I’ve played and what I intend to play going forward - for my own reasons , i.e. a visual reminder to play the stuff I own before I add to it. 

In 2013 I bought a new gaming PC , I had some spare cash and this then allowed me to finally buy a PC that will play games that I have wanted to play in a way that is pleasing to the eye , so my steam collection has swelled somewhat . 


not a pretty read. 

My overall stats for 2013 captured by Raptr - make for Grim reading aswell!


So for 2014 - I am keeping a simple tracker +1 for games bought and -1 for games completed.

Starting on Jan 1 . 

Games bought : 

Pokemon X  - 3DS

Killzone Shadowfall - PS4

Lego Marvel - PS4

Football Manager 14 - Steam

Don’t Starve - PS4

Contrast - PS4

Resogun - PS4

Games Completed in 2014

Bioshock Infinite

Diablo 3 to Hell level ( counts twice?)

So Total Score for 2014 is - -6

More posts coming soon - as I have the itch again

Tapas ahoy

Tapas ahoy

Watching daddy play sonic and driving along

Watching daddy play sonic and driving along

Sweeping for Nana

Sweeping for Nana